I always fight shy of aspics in England as they are so often made merely with gelatine and not with the real meat jelly. They are insipid and tasteless and usually flavoured with lemon extract. Properly made aspic is delicious and very nourishing. Why do our cooks inflict the other thing on us ?


One young chicken, the same ingredients as in the recipe for Pot-au-Feu, page 27, and a handful of fresh or dried tarragon leaves.


Cook the chicken with the other ingredients, as indicated in recipe for Pot-au-Feu, remove from the soup when tender, put it in a basin, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with chopped tarragon leaves. Strain the soup and when it is beginning to set in a jelly, cover the chicken with it and set in a cool place, or preferably in an ice-box, for a few hours, till the jelly is quite set.