Chow - Chow

Take four stalks of celery, one pint of small onions, three large cauliflowers, twelve large pickles, cut up small, or twenty-five very small ones, as you prefer, quarter-pound of mustard, five cents worth of tumeric; put all these in an earthen pan, and salt them and let them stand for twelve hours. Boil three quarts of the best cider vinegar ten minutes; take the pickles out of the salt and throw the vinegar on them. Fill your jars, and seal them up.

Cold Tomato Catsup

Chop fine half-peck of ripe tomatoes, two grated roots of horseradish, two red peppers (without the seeds), one teacupful of black and white mustard-seed, one teacupful of salt, one teacupful of white sugar, two teaspoonfuls of black pepper, one teaspoonful of powdered cloves, one teaspoonful of powdered mace, one teaspoonful of cinnamon, one quart of vinegar, two or three stalks of celery.

Green Tomato Pickles

Wash and slice half-bushel of green tomatoes, also a dozen onions and a few blades of garlic, twelve pods of green peppers—all sliced ; sprinkle salt over them, and let them lie all night; in the morning drain them; put two ounces of mixed mustard, two ounces of raw ginger, two ounces of allspice, one ounce of mace, and one ounce of tumeric in a muslin bag; all the spices must be ground and mixed together; put a layer of tomatoes and spices alternately in the kettle; add strong vinegar, two gallons to this quantity, and two pounds of brown sugar. Boil until they are tender.

Pepper Sauce

Six large heads of cabbage, one dozen and a half of green peppers, four tablespoonfuls of celery-seed, four of mustard-seed, half pound of whole allspice, one-eighth of a pound of cloves; chop the cabbage, sprinkle salt well through, and put under a weight; pour the water off when it is pressed out; chop up the peppers, and add them to the cabbage. Boil the spices and seeds in the vinegar. Tie the spices in a bag. When cold, pour the vinegar all over the cabbage.