Raspberry Souffle

Rub one quart of raspberries through a sieve, add three-quarters cupful of sugar and the stiffly beaten whites of six eggs. Mix lightly, turn into a buttered baking dish and bake from thirty to forty minutes. Serve immediately with cream, either plain or whipped.

Raspberry Tapioca

Cook for fifteen minutes in a double boiler one-half cupful of minute tapioca, one-half cupful sugar, one teaspoonful butter and three cupfuls of hot water. Crush one pint of raspberries, sweeten to taste and let stand one-half hour. Take tapioca from the fire and stir in fruit. Set in a cool place. Serve very cold with whipped cream.

Raspberry Ice

One quart of water and one pound of sugar boiled together five minutes. Add to one quart of red raspberries one cupful of sugar and the juice of two lemons, and let them stand one hour. Then press through a fruit press and add juice obtained to the boiled sugar and water; strain into a 133 well-packed freezer and turn five minutes, then add the whites of two eggs beaten to a stiff froth; turn until stiff.

Raspberry Bombe Glace

Line a three-pint melon mold with raspberry ice. Fill the center with whipped cream, sweetened and flavored before whipping. Let stand, packed in equal measures of ice and salt, about three hours.

Raspberry Syrup

Pick over and mash two quarts of raspberries, cover and let stand in graniteware dish over night. In the morning add three-fourths cupful of cold water, bring slowly to the boiling point and let simmer twenty minutes. Force through a double thickness of cheesecloth, again bring to the boiling point, and fill small glass jars.

Raspberry Cream Pie

Line a deep pie plate with rich paste, rub the edge with butter, fill with raspberries and sprinkle generously with sugar. Cut out an upper crust, rub the edge also with butter to prevent the two from sticking together, place over the pie and bake. Scald one cupful of milk, thicken with two teaspoonfuls of cornstarch mixed with a little cold milk. Add one-fourth of a cupful of sugar and a dash of salt, cook over boiling water for twenty minutes, flavor with a few drops of vanilla, cool and fold in the stiffly beaten whites of three eggs. When the pie is cold, remove the upper crust, pour in the cream, replace the crust and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Raspberry Bar-Le-Duc

1 quart perfect red raspberries.

3 cupfuls sugar.

1 cupful red raspberry juice.

1 cupful currant juice.

Combine fruit juices, add sugar, let boil until they are very thick and almost jelly, then drop in the raspberries, a few at a time; cook for two or three minutes and remove with a skimmer to small glasses. When all the berries are cooked, the syrup will be considerably thinned, so boil it down till very thick again, pour into the glasses containing the raspberries, and seal as usual.

Louisville Fruit Pudding

I pint fresh raspberries.

1 1/2 cupfuls sugar 1 pint fresh currants.

1 quart water.

7 tablespoonfuls cornstarch.

Wash berries and currants, and cook in the water till soft, about five minutes. Drain through a very fine sieve, return juice to the heat, and when at boiling point, add the sugar and cornstarch, mixed with a little cold water. Let boil gently for five minutes, stirring constantly. Pour into molds wet in cold water, let stiffen, and serve with cream.