4 quarts fresh currants.

1 tablespoonful liquid all-spice.

8 cupfuls sugar.

I pint vinegar, medium strength.

1 tablespoonful liquid cloves.

1 tablespoonful liquid cinnamon extract.

Mix together the sugar and vinegar and let boil for ten minutes. Then add the extracts. The currants should be picked from the stem, washed and drained. Put about a half cupful at a time into the boiling syrup, then skim out and continue in this way until all are cooked. Remove any scum that may arise. After all the fruit is cooked, boil the syrup down until so rich and thick that it almost jellies, add the fruit again, let come to a boil, and seal in sterilized glasses. This is delicious with cold meats, and if diluted with crushed ice and ice water, makes a delicious currant drink.