My only serious objection to late suppers is that, unless caution is exercised, one is apt to disarrange the stomach by drinking too much cold liquid, thereby preventing the food from digesting. A Welsh rarebit, in itself, is not so terrible a nightmare-producer as it has been often painted ; but when washed down with iced drinks it becomes a leathery mass of the most indigestible character.

Deviled bones, chickens, kidneys, etc., when eaten late at night are apt to convince one who does not possess the digestive powers of an ostrich, that the name " Deviled " is peculiarly appropriate ; in fact, they are dyspepsia-breeding companions to fried oysters, iced tea, and heavy salads.

In conclusion I will state that each individual must be his own adviser as to what should be eaten late at night; he should know by experience what dishes agree with him, and not rely upon dogmatic health theories, which are at best confusing to the very people they are intended to benefit.

Calf's-Foot Jelly

The trouble and expense of preparing calf s-foot jelly at home is too great. It is therefore advisable to purchase it from the grocer or from caterers.

The Hot-Water Cure

Much has been written for and against this new remedial agent, and, in the opinion of the author, the "fors" have the best of it. A goblet of hot water in the morning is beneficial to those who dine late the night before. Care must be exercised that the water is drawn fresh from the faucet, brought to boiling point, then served.

Many are apt to serve hot water that has stood on the range over-night, the effect of which is one of nausea.