Historical Romances

Adventures Of The Comte De La Muette

Our Lady Of Darkness

A Castle In Spain

Diana Please

A Jay Of Italy

A Rogue's Tragedy

The Pot Of Basil

Moll Davis

Historical Vignettes. 1st & 2nd Series


The Lake Of Wine

The Mysterious Singer

Joan Brotherhood

Love Like A Gipsy

The Secret In The Hill

The Green Parrot

Jemmy Abercraw

The Love Story Of St. Bel

The Story Of Lohengrin

The House Of Many Voices

Jessie Bazley

The Story Of Fifine

If Age Could

Where England Sets Her Feft

Tales Of Mystery

The Great Skene Mystery

Why Did He Do It?

The Will And The Way

Gilead Balm

The Skeleton Key

Short Stories

From Door To Door At A Winter's Fire Plots

Loaves And Fishes Bag And Baggage The Fabulists


A Fool's Passion And Other Poems Amaranthus