Caliban, By W. L. George

The romance of a newspaper genius. He had become—this common London boy—Lord Bulmer of Bayne. And yet at the height of all his power he stood helpless as a child before one woman.

Hail, Columbia! By W. L. George

Read what this delightful English novelist thinks of you and other Americans. H. L. Mencken calls it, "One of the most intelligent volumes on these states and their people ever written by a visiting man of letters."

Rich Relatives By Compton Mackenzie

This new novel, about Jasmine Grant, eighteen and an orphan, who was "given a home" by four families of rich relatives, gives full play to Compton Mackenzie's subtle humor and irony.

The Vanity Girl By Compton Mackenzie

Dorothy Lonsdale, musical comedy star, played among the nobility for a husband—and won. But the life she had not foreseen came later when Clare-haven, gambling with love—with fortune—with life— lost all.

Now It Can Be Told By Philip Gibbs

The best seller among serious books for 1920. Critics have called these revelations—which Sir Philip Gibbs could not make during the war—some of the most thrilling, dramatic and permanently valuable literature that has come out of the war.

More That Must Be Told By Philip Gibbs

The same kind of astounding revelations of present-day conditions in Europe that Sir Philip Gibbs made about the war in his famous Now It Can Be Told.

Books By Hamlin Garland

Border Edition Main-Travelled Roads Other Main-Travelled Roads Boy Life

Rose of Dutcher's Cooly The Eagle's Heart The Captain of the

Gray Horse Troop


Mart Haney's Mate Cavanagh, Forest Ranger They of the High Trails The Long Trail The Forester's Daughter

Regular Edition The Light of the Star Prairie Folks The Shadow World Trail of the Gold-Seekers The Tyranny of the Dark Victor Ollnee's Discipline