We, the undersigned, certify that we saw Harry Houdini, the bearer of this note, stripped naked, searched, locked in one of the cells at Police Headquarters, and handcuffed with three pairs of cuffs, also strapped with a strap extending from pair of cuffs and buckled at the back.

He removed the cuffs, unlocked the cell, got into an adjoining cell and returned with his clothes on.

After unlocking the cell in which he was first placed, he had to unlock the cell in which his clothing was left.

This was witnessed by the following persons, at Police Headquarters, this city, December 4th, 1905.

J. C. HAYDEN, Chief of Police.

Mr. James Sargent personally complimented Floudini on his rare skill. They became friends and spent hours together exchanging lock opening secrets.

NOTE.-Wo beg to acknowledge our indebtedness to the following publications for data used in this article-Price's Book on "Locks and Keys" 1850; New International Encycleopedia 2nd Edition; (Dodd Mead and Co., New York); and Encycleopedia Americana, J. M. Stoddart, 1886.