Danger does not mean anything to me; I was just born without the ingredient of fear. Apart from the many risks 'I nave taken in the course of my professional career, 1 have saved lives any number of times, and I have simply taken it all as a matter of course. People talk of being afraid to die; on the contrary, I am so well prepared for such an emergency that not only is my will drawn up, but I have a bronze memorial bust all ready, because I thought it better to have one that was really like me!" THE HANDCUFF KING

Thus spoke Houdini, the "handcuff king," the great magician and genius of escape, on a certain sunny morning a few weeks ago. He sat with his back to the light, but though his face was in shadow the compelling blue grey eyes, and strong, bronzed features glowed with an intensity and vitality such as one rarely meets.

"Tell me," I begged, "are the feats you do on the screen different to those you do enact before the footlights?"

"Entirely different," was the reply-

"In fact, some of the biggest critics have said that I am more wonderful on the screen than on the stage. That, I consider, is one of the greatest compliments ever paid me. But it has taken years of training to produce the tricks, or problems, I do in my films."

Houdini has made, to date, three pictures. The first of these, "The Master Mystery," a serial, is nnvr enjoying enormous popularity all over the country. The remaining two, "The Grim Game." and "Terror Island," are foature pictures, and are still unreleased by Paramount Artcraft though this year will see the first-named on our sereons. In the making of "The Master Mystery," Houdini sustained seven blnek eyes and a broken wrist. He also broke his wrist whilst making "The Grim Game."