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People & Biographies

Contains biographies of important people who have lives throughout time. Descriptions about their astounding work can also be found here.

-The Adventurous Life Of A Versatile Artist: Houdini | by Harry Houdini
Life of Harry Houdini. Six Million of these Books in circulation since 1900, in various Forms, Editions and Languages.
-Andrew Jackson | by William Garrott Brown
Biography of the late president Andrew Jackson
-The Life Of Cesare Borgia | by Rafael Sabatini
This is no Chronicle of Saints. Nor yet is it a History of Devils. It is a record of certain very human, strenuous men in a very human, strenuous age; a lustful, flamboyant age; an age red with blood and pale with passion at white heat; an age of steel and velvet, of vivid colour, dazzling light and impenetrable shadow ; an age of swift movement, pitiless violence and high endeavour, of sharp antitheses and amazing contrasts.
-The Life Of Francis Thompson | by Everard Meynell
A biagraphy on the life of famous Catholic poet Francis Thompson.
-Leonardo Da Vinci | by Edward McCurdy
"His spirit was never at rest, his mind was ever devising new things." -Antonio Billi. A biography of Leonardo Da Vinci, with descriptions of his works and life.
-Leonardo Da Vinci: A Psychosexual Study Of An Infantile Reminiscence | by Sigmund Freud
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was admired even by his contemporaries as one of the greatest men of the Italian Renaissance. Still, even then he appealed as mysterious to them as he now appears to us. Psychoanalytic investigation of him is included in this volume

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