I quite agree with him that accuracy and trajectory must be considered together, not separately, and that makers of guns and ammunition should publish the mean radius of shots fired from machine rest, as well as the trajectory curve, for each cartridge, at various sporting ranges. It is by no means satisfactory to say " accurate to (so many) yards," or " accurate enough for hunting purposes." The buyer is the man to define what " accurate99 means, and he should have definite measurements to compare by.

If a gun adds to a man's error of holding a quite appreciable error of its own, it is fit for nothing but the scrap heap. If high velocity could only be attained by sacrificing precision of fire, it would not be worth having. It is entirely practicable nowadays to make rifles and ammunition (of any caliber and any reasonable power) so accurate that they will shoot as close as a good marksman can hold, under favorable field conditions. No lower standard than this should be accepted for any rifle.