"There is a grandeur of design, beauty of detail, and everywhere sympathy with the material."—Spectator. %

"By the compilation of this work Mr. F. Hamilton Jackson has laid the student and the craftsman under some obligation* Both have long felt the want of a handbook which would outline the history and describe the processes and technicalities of the craft. . . . Interesting and valuable information may be gained by the connoisseur, the student, and the craftsman'.

Journal of Royal Institute of British Architects.

" We can recommend Mr. Hamilton Jackson's book to all artists and workers in these arts, and to all admirers and collectors."—Yorkshire Post.

"The book is, we should say, the best on the subject yet published in this country, and no student of the kindred crafts of intarsia and marquetry should fail to obtain a copy."—Birmingham Post.

The fashion of the moment is for the merest beginner to trust to his own at best problematical invention. This can only end in the dib&cle of design. When the rude awakening comes the designer will turn with eagerness to books like this in which he may learn what is known of the history of a craft, the scope and limitations of the material employed, and the methods of treating it".

Manchester Guardian. "A most attractive and useful volume on a decorative art that is much less studied in England than it deserves to be. Fully and most effectively illus* trated as it is, the book ought to prove of great value to students. • . • Example and teaching abound in Mr. Jackson's excellent manual".

Westminster Gazette.

"The Author performs a useful task in directing attention to the proper function of inlaying within its own limitations. Many brilliant workers who have been engaged in this form of decoration are recalled. . . • The art is one that has great fascination, so that there must be many amateurs as well as professional designers who will be glad of the practical guidance that the book provides."—Morning Post.

1 A very complete history of the art from the very earliest times down to the present day.... The illustrations are excellent"—Scotsman.

"The illustrations, which are particularly numerous, and, as a rule, well produced, afford additional illumination to a subject of much interest".

Publishers* Circular.

11A complete and comprehensive study of a fascinating handicraft at various stages of its history. The historic part is excellently treated, and practical hints are not lacking. Many and excellent illustrations".

St. James*s Gazette.

"... Will appeal to a wider circle than the actual worker, for it gives an interesting glimpse of a certain phase of Italian life at the Renaissance. . . . Well written, and admirably illustrated."—Guardian.

"It is a highly valuable series."—School Government Chronicle.

"The work is a most complete one, and deals with the subject from every point of view; while the illustrations and workshop receipts add immensely to its value."—Irish Times.

"We have already referred to the wealth of historical matter of vast interest to those not only fond of the craft itself, but of the memory of the great masters in it which Mr. Jackson has got together in this small compass".

The Builder.

"An admirable and exhaustive work. . . . Stands unique as an authority upon the subject with which it deals."—The House.

"No more practical volume of the 'Designer's and Craftsman's Handbooks9 than the unit contributed by Mr. F. H. Jackson. It may help to revive and inform a branch of art decoration which has always languished in this country, besides affording numerous designs from the best period, the ' idea9 of which can be extended, varied, and applied almost indefinitely in any material and on any surface."— The Bookseller.