A tramp chair, such as the farmers of Maine once used to keep tramps in overnight, is seen upon the stage. This is made of heavy iron straps interlaced as shown in the illustrations. It is provided with a seat inside, and is fastened by placing a padlock through two hasps, one of which is attached to the front corner and one to the door, so that when the door is closed they come one over the other and close together. There is an iron plate on the door behind the lock to prevent it from being reached from the inside.

Tramp Chair.

Fig. 1. Tramp Chair.

Tramp Chair.

Fig. 2. Tramp Chair.

The door is hung on a long hinge running the full length of the door. The floor is of solid sheet metal.

The appearance of the tramp chair is shown in Fig. 1, and it looks like Fig. 2 when it is closed. The performer is placed inside and the padlock is slipped through the hasps and locked. As an additional precaution chains are passed back and forth through the openings or the iron straps, and these are also fastened with padlocks as shown in Fig. 2. All this has been done by the committee after they have made a thorough examination of all the apparatus, and the performer now seems very securely fastened in.

Tramp Chair 40

Fig. 3.