"Oudini" week at the Rink. Monday afternoon and evening, Feb. 3, The Mysterious Wonder will be handcuffed, chained and shackled. Come and see how easy he gets out of them. He challenges any person in the audience to lock them on him.

Tuesday afternoon and evening, Feb. 4, "Oudini" will be handcuffed, locked and strapped in a Mail Bag. The lock used in this act will be one of the famous Corbin locks.

Wednesday afternoon and evening, Feb. 5. This is the only act of its kind ever presented to the public. He will be placed in. a galvanized iron boiler, made by the Riverside Boiler Works. It is riveted and made to hold one hundred gallons of water, such as is used in any of the large hotels in the world. The cover sets inside, and it will be fastened together with two-inch bolts.

Thursday afternoon and evening, Feb. 6. "Oudini" will be placed in a coffin, the cover will be secured and fastened with three-inch screws, a seal of a United States stamp will be placed at the head of each screw.

Friday afternoon and evening, Feb. 7. "Oudini" will be nailed in a wooden packing case, 6x4 feet. His manager will be on the stage to challenge any person in the audience to duplicate this act.

Saturday afternoon and evening, Feb. 8. "Oudini" will startle you ; he is going to get into a paper box ; it will be tied up with ropes. You are invited to come up on the stage and tie him up.