To make separate prints from the two elements of a stereoscopic pair and mount them side by side after proper orientation is too slow a process if quantities of prints are needed. One method of multiple production is to make a master stereogram, and then produce photographic copies of it, but there is inevitable loss of quality in this copying process. An intermediate method is to print from both negatives on the same sheet of paper. In order to do this the negatives must be placed in rather large frames, with mats properly located to guide the placing of the paper. The Richard double printing frame" is a practical device which simplifies the necessary manipulations. It consists essentially of a platform pierced with three illuminated openings. The two negatives are compared, superposed, and orientated over the central opening and then shifted laterally, one to each of the two side openings, which serve both as printing frames and masks. The printing back slides on a rod, permitting the paper to be lifted up and moved between exposures. Once the negatives are properly placed, stereo prints can be turned out quickly and easily.