American Society of Photogrammetry

Manual of Photogrammetry

Manual of Photographic Interpretation

Manual of Aerial Color Photography

Photogrammetric Engineering (published monthly)

Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers

Photographic Science and Engineering (published bimonthly)

Image Technology (published bimonthly)

Eastman Kodak Company

Manual of Physical Properties for Aerial Films

Applied Infrared Photography (M-28)

Kodak Aero-Neg (M-40)

Kodak Data for Aerial Photography (M-29)

Plates and Film for Science and Industry (P-9)

Kodak Filters (B-3)

Kodak Aerial Exposure Computer

Kodak Professional and Finishing Products (P-2-1)

Kodak Index to Technical Information (L-5)

GAF Corporation

Photo Products Technical Information

Carl Zeiss, Incorporated Information (published four times yearly)

International Remote Sensing Institute Journal of Remote Sensing (published bimonthly) Hycon Manufacturing Company Aerial Photographic Reference Handbook Others

Mees, The Theory of the Photographic Process, The Mac-Millan Company

Carroll, J. S., Photo Lab Index, Morgan and Morgan, Incorporated

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