On Friday, December 18, 1874, Mr. Cameron announced to the Senate that King Kalakaua was in the President's room, and that the committee charged with his reception would suggest that the Senators call upon him. A recess was accordingly taken until one o'clock, and the Senators proceeded in a body to be individually presented to his majesty. At noon they all marched to the hall of the House, where the reception proper was held. The galleries were crowded, and many ladies were admitted to the floor. Seats to the right of the Speaker's chair were assigned to the Senators, who were received by the Members standing. General Sherman was conspicuous upon the floor. The king was escorted by Mr. Cameron, chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and by Mr. Orth, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs ; his suite by other members of the committee of arrangements. The entire party were in citizen's dress. When his majesty had reached the space in front of the Speaker's desk, Mr. Cameron introduced him as follows : " Mr. Speaker, I have the honor to present to you his majesty, the King of Hawaii." Mr. Speaker Blaine, with Vice-President Wilson standing on his right, then addressed the king in a speech of welcome. His majesty's reply was read by one of his attendants, Chancellor Allen, after the formality of a conference ^nd the announcement that the king was suffering from a cold and hoarseness. Following this the Speaker descended from his place and was introduced to Kalakaua, with whom he exchanged courtesies. The former then resumed the chair; and his majesty retired as he had entered, followed by his suite and the assembled Senators.