On the wall above the upper landing of this staircase is a full-length painting of John Marshall, the fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, copied from the original by William D. Washington, a pupil of Leutze of Diisseldorf. Washington was a native of Fauquier County, Virginia, the-county of Marshall, and the original of this picture was executed in the city of Washington under the immediate supervision and criticism of Leutze. It was a commission from the county of Fauquier, and now hangs in the County Court room over the judge's seat. It is regarded by the descendants of Marshall as the best likeness of him extant. The present copy was painted pursuant to an order of the Joint Committee on the Library in 1880 by Richard N. Brooke, the well-known Washington artist, who, like Marshall and Washington, is a native of Fauquier County. It is a literal reproduction both in details and technique of the original. W. D. Washington was a favorite of W. W. Corcoran, who founded for his benefit the chair of fine arts in the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, a position which, upon the death of Washington, was filled by the appointment of Brooke.