On the north and south walls of the lobby east of the central eastern gallery of the Senate Chamber are two famous landscapes by Thomas Moran, known as the Grand Canon of the Yellowstone and the Chasm of the Colorado. These pictures, purchased for $10,000 each, were painted from sketches made by the artist in the field, and do not over-elaborate in color the magnificence of the scenes which they portray. The poetry of the clouds, the poetry of the rocks, the poetry of the torrents and the poetry of the caftons are naturally told. The theme of the pictures is Nature in her grandest form, and the wonder is that the brush could realize it at all. It is interesting to seek the grizzly bear in the picture of the Yellowstone.

Portraits of Daniel Webster and Henry Clay adorn the western wall. These are by the portrait painter, H. F. Darby. The three marble busts are of Charles Sumner, by Martin Milmore; of Garibaldi, the Italian apostle of freedom, by Martequana; and of an Indian chief. A portrait of John C. Calhoun, also by Darby, hangs high upon the eastern wall.