The Whippet may be described as a miniature Greyhound, and is judged much upon the same lines. The chief use of these little dogs is that of racing on a course, and for rabbiting, also as a snap-dog. It is rather singular, but miners, etc., are remarkably fond of Whippets, and the Lancashire and Staffordshire towns contain a lot of this breed.

This variety of canine flesh resulted through crossing a Greyhound and Terrier.

The best time of the year to breed Whippets is the spring, so that the youngsters will have the whole of the summer to develop in.

For general purposes, from 15 to 18 or 20 lbs. is the most useful weight, and of either whole, or mixed colours. Fawn, bramble, blue, red and white are very common ones.


Should be fine and close.


Must be sound (otherwise a Whippet is not the slightest use), and the chest of good capacity, i.e., the dog ought to be well-hearted. A long, lean, finely-chiselled head (wide between the eyes), and flat on the top, with bright, expressive eyes, and small rose ears, are essentials.

Shoulders should have a good slope; the neck long, clean, and inclined to be straight, not arched, as stated by some authorities.

Fore Limbs

These must be as straight as a line; have good bone, be long, have well-developed muscles, and well placed in relation to the body.

Typical Whippet Dog Dandy Coon (Property of Mr Thomas Redruth).

Typical Whippet Dog Dandy Coon (Property of Mr Thomas Redruth).

The shoulders long, the arms long, fore-arms very long, and pasterns long, but proportionate.

The loins are very important features in a good Whippet. This region should show strongly-developed muscles, be slightly arched, passing in front on to a broad and square back.

Front ribs to be well rounded and long; the back ones short.

Hind Quarters, Tail, And Feet

If a racing dog is poorly developed in these regions, he is no use for the purpose. The outlines of the individual muscles ought to be plainly seen.

Long first and second thighs are a sine qua non in the Whippet. Both width and strength are necessary. Well-bent stifles and strong hocks equally essential. Feet round, and well split up.


Long, tapered, and nicely curved.

General Appearance Of The Whippet

A smart, racily-built, active-looking dog, of various colours, having a deep chest, narrow waist, and long, beautifully modelled, muscular extremities.