It is only within the last few years that this variety of Terrier has made his appearance on the English show benches, though indifferent specimens have been in existence in Wales for a number of years.

The Welsh Terrier Club and the Kennel Club have been the chief mediums through which the present standard of excellence has been obtained.

They are nice, smart, active little Terriers, and when properly trained make exceedingly useful companions, being full of pluck and ready to tackle anything their own height.

In colour, the Welshman is grizzle and tan, the coat being similar in texture to that of the wire-haired Fox Terrier, smooth and free from curl.

The Head

The Head ought to be long, more especially from eyes to nose, the occipital dome being a trifle more marked than it is in the Irish Terrier. Ears small, and curved close to sides of face.


Of medium length and thickness, ending in oblique shoulders.


Short and strong.

Fore Arms

Of medium length, straight, and well muscled, tapering from elbows to feet.

Welsh Terrier.

Welsh Terrier.

Back And Loins

Strong, and ribs, well sprung.


Docked short, and curved like that of an Irish Terrier.

First And Second Thighs

Strong and well muscled.


Of a hare shape, but compact. A typical Welsh Terrier should be compactly built all over.


Welsh Terrier.