Bewick gives an excellent figure of a large Water Spaniel. It is generally liver-coloured and white, with the hair on the body in little curls. The dog is of medium size, strong, active and intelligent, and used by the water-fowl shooter.

In the Gentleman s Recreation and in the Sport-man's Cabinet, this variety of dog is also described.

In the writer's opinion, there are plenty of these dogs to be seen about at the present time. They are larger than the Field Spaniel, and stronger built altogether, looking as though they had both the blood of Retriever and Irish Water Spaniel in them.

The English Water Spaniel Club looks after the interests of this breed, and the Kennel Club provides a class for them.

A narrow head, small eyes, large nose, straight neck, strong back, rather narrow, deep chest, long strong legs, large feet, a six-inch dock, with a coat of ringlets or curls (no top-knot), and good general appearance, are the chief points.

black, liver, liver and white, black and white, black and liver, are the accepted colours, but pied is most admired.

In addition to this breed of Spaniel, the Kennel Club also provides classes for English Springers and Welsh Springers.