Although purely of a surgical nature, it may not be out of place to mention that any organ or tissue in any part of the body may be the seat of a rupture.

Ruptures of the stomach (rare in the dog), bladder, liver, blood-vessels, bowels, muscles, etc., are of occasional occurrence.

A very common rupture is that known as " umbilical," many puppies showing this swelling in the region of the navel. Frequently it disappears with increasing age. It is of little importance.

Rupture of the wall of the belly and protrusion of the bowels, etc., is a serious condition, demanding immediate professional aid.

This is equally applicable when the generative organs or perinaeum are injured.

Another form of rupture is that known as " inguinal," denoted by a variously-sized swelling in the region of the groin.

In scrotal rupture the testicular sac is enlarged.