1. That the name of this Club be " The Basset-hound Club".

2. That the objects of the Club be to promote the breeding of pure Smooth-coated and Rough-coated Basset-hounds, to define precisely, and publish a description of the true type; to urge the adoption of such type on breeders, exhibitors, judges, dog-show committees and others, as the only recognised and unvarying standard by which Basset-hounds should be judged, and which may in future be uniformly accepted as the standard of excellence in breeding, and in awarding prizes of merit in Basset-hounds : and by giving prizes, supporting and originating shows, and taking other steps to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed.

3. That the Club compile a correct Stud Book for dogs and bitches, containing the names and pedigrees, as far as can be ascertained, of all pure-bred Basset-hounds, and keep a register of the birth of purebred Basset-hounds.

4. That in the event of a Hound winning a prize under the Kennel Club Rules, whose pedigree does not agree with the Basset-hound Club Stud Book, the same shall be objected to on behalf of the Club by the Hon. Sec, with a view to the investigation of its correctness, but in any case the Club Special which may go into the prizes shall be withheld.

5. That the Club consist of unlimited number of Members, whose names and addresses shall be entered in a book to be kept by the Secretary, which book shall be open for inspection at reasonable times. That any respectable person favourable to the object of the Club be eligible for Membership, except professional dealers. That ladies be eligible for Membership.

6. That each candidate for admission be proposed by one Member of the Club personally known to him, and seconded by another, also personally known to him. That the first twenty Members be original members.

7. That the Annual Subscription be two guineas.

That the Annual Subscription be due on 1st January of each year, and that any Member failing to pay his Subscription before 31st January have notice given him by the Treasurer; and if his Subscription be still unpaid on 31st March, his rights of Membership shall cease until he has paid his Subscription which is in arrear, and he shall render himself liable to be struck off the list of Members of the Club, unless he can give a satisfactory explanation to the Committee. That the liability of Members shall be limited to their Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription.

8. That the Club offer no prizes or cups at any show not held under the Kennel Club Rules, except at such other shows as the Committee or Sub-Committee may especially approve.

9. That the affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee of eight or a Sub-Committee of three, including a Treasurer and Secretary. Three shall form a quorum. That the Committee and Sub-Committee shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. That the Election of Members to serve on Committee and Sub-Committee be held Annually.

10. That the election of Members shall be made by ballot of Committee or Sub-Committee, two black balls to exclude. That the election of a Member shall be at once notified to him by the Secretary, and the Member shall at once be liable for his Entrance Fee and Subscription for the current year.

11. That the Committee or Sub-Committee meet at least twice a year, and that they have full power to transact all business relating to the Club which they may think fit; to make necessary bye-laws, to arbitrate in disputed matters, to refuse admission to the Club, to decide upon the value and nature of the prizes to be offered at the various shows, and to deal with any question not provided for by these Rules. That seven days' notice must be given of Committee Meetings.

12. That any Member of the Club who shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Committee or Subcommittee to have in any way misconducted himself in connection with Dogs or Dogs Shows, or to have in any way acted in opposition to the Rules and principles upon which the Club has been established, or in any other manner which would make it undesirable that he should continue to be a member, be expelled the Club. That such Member shall have no claim against the Club. That the Committee or Sub-Committee may report the expulsion of such Member to the Kennel Club with a view to his being disqualified from exhibiting at any show held under the Kennel Club Rules, and from competing for prizes or cups offered by this Club or the Kennel Club.

13. That there be one General Meeting of the Club each year, to be held at such time as may be found suitable by the Committee or Sub-Committee.

14. That an Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Secretary. That such Extraordinary General Meeting shall have power only to deal with the objects for which it was called.

15. That all Minutes of Meetings be read at the commencement of, and be approved and confirmed by, the next subsequent Meeting.

16. That all expenses incurred by the Treasurer or Secretary for or on behalf of the Club be defrayed out of the funds of the Club.

17. That an Annual Report, the names of the Members and Officers, and the Annual Statement of Accounts (duly audited by two Members of the Committee) be printed, and supplied to each Member not later than 11th February in each year.

18. That no new Rule, or alteration of existing Rules, or reversal of any former act or decision, shall ever be made without a fortnight's notice being given previously in writing to all Members, and without the sanction of at least two-thirds of the Members present. That it shall be competent for any Member unable to attend the Meeting to record, by letter to the Secretary, his opinion to be read at the Meeting, such opinion to be entered in the minutes.

19. That it be competent for any Member to withdraw from the Club on giving notice to the Secretary before 11th December (such Member to have no claim on the Club) ; provided always that such Member shall be liable for his subscription to the Club for the current year in which he gives such notice.