This variety of the breed should resemble the Smooth sort in every respect except the coat, which should be broken. The harder and more wiry the texture of the coat is the better. On no account should the dog look or feel woolly, and there should be no silky hair about the poll or elsewhere. The coat should not be too long, so as to give a dog a shaggy appearance, but at the same time it should show a marked and distinct difference all over from the Smooth species.

Scale Of Points

Head and ears

. 15

Neck ....

. 5

Shoulders and chest

. 10

Back and loins

. 10


. 15

Stern ....


Legs and feet

. 15

Coat ....

. 10

Symmetry, size, and character

. 15

Disqualifying Points


White, cherry, or spotted to a considerable extent with either of these, colours.


Prick, tulip, or rose.


Much undershot or much overshot.