The margins of the flaps of the ears are commonly the seat of a dry eczematous eruption. They become scaly, thickened, and hairless.

Many dogs have their ears in this condition for years; nevertheless, it is very unsightly, and the longer it exists the more the trouble of eradicating it.

Apply with friction an ointment, composed as follows, night and morning.

R Oil of tar . . .2 drachms.

Glycerine . . .2 drachms.

Powdered sulphur . . 1/2 ounce.

Creosote . . .1 drachm.

Lard added . . .4 ounces.

Mix and rub well in all around the margins, for twenty minutes each time.

In addition to this, give a 5-grain blue pill, feed on meat and bread, giving less dog-biscuit, if this has been the principal food. A course of alterative medicine will be required.