One or both of the kidneys may be the seat of acute or of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation of the kidneys is not uncommonly the result of stone, or gravel, accumulating within what is called the " pelvis " of the kidney.

Under these circumstances, the dog suffers great discomfiture in passing his water, the latter being ejected in very small quantities, and it is generally stained with blood.

In some instances a single stone will occupy the whole of the pelvis of the kidney, destroying its functions, whereas in other cases the particles of stone are small, or even gritty, rendering them extremely liable to wander into other portions of the urinary tract.

Abscess of the kidney is induced by the presence of injecting material gaining admission.

Severe pain during urination, bloody - coloured urine passed in drops, loss of condition and tenderness across the loins, are some of the more prominent signs of this malady. If there is the least suspicion as to the presence of this complaint, consult a M.RC.V.S.

In the meantime, if the animal is in pain, give 30 drops of laudanum, in a little water, or, as a substitute, 20 drops of chlorodyne. Avoid giving the dog much liquid, but easily-digested solid food, such as rice, boiled chicken, etc.