During the warm weather more particularly, fleas are a source of great annoyance to clogs, and frequently to their owners, more especially if the animal be kept in the house.

Owing to the rapid multiplication of fleas, dogs that are not regularly groomed or washed, soon become swarmed with these pests, consequently the severe irritation they produce upon the skin causes the animal to lose condition, whilst the scratching and biting destroys its coat. Regularity of washing, both dog and kennel, constitutes the best means of checking these pests.

Wash all woodwork with boiling water and Stone Ammonia, then expose to air.

Turpentine is a capital thing to sprinkle the kennel, benches, etc., with. Fleas seem to dislike this drug more than any other agent we have employed.

A very good dressing for destroying fleas is composed of an ounce each of turpentine and terebene, dissolved in a pint of methylated spirits of wine.

Pediculi Or Lice (Phthiriasis)

Whenever dogs get into this condition, it is reasonable to conclude that there has been a want of proper attention.

One may go further, by saying that it is generally the outcome of neglect, and a lousy dog should only be found in the kennel of the sluggard, no matter whatever be the source of infection. Detection at an exhibition leads to exclusion, and rightly so.

The eggs or " nits " are attached firmly to the shafts of the hairs close to the root, and hatch in about five days after being deposited.

Any part of the body may be the seat of these parasites, but those parts where the hairy covering is dense, constitute the most favourable cover.

Loss of condition soon follows the invasion.


Use the brush and comb freely. Scrub all kennel fittings with strong decoction of tobacco.

Dress dog with the following : R Oil of Stavesacre . . 1 ounce.

Olive Oil . . 14 ounces.

Mix and rub in with a stiff brush.

An infusion of quassia is an excellent and harmless remedy.

Buy 4d. of quassia chips, and add a quart of boiling water, with the addition of half an ounce of shag tobacco, infusing for six hours. Dress dog all over, rubbing well into " under " coat, if dog has one. Dog ticks may be snipped off with scissors.