Place a piece of meat on the dog's nose ; keep him steady with it there, till you have slowly counted "ten" repeating fuller the last number " Ten" after which, give him liberty to eat it. Repeat this manner, a few times ; then make him keep perfectly still at the word "Steady" without touching him. after which the counting alone will soon be sufficient. It he let it fall, before the ten is fully counted, he must be reprimanded or corrected and the operation resumed. During the lesson, he should have nothing given him, except after the word "Ten."

This being got through with, you may allow him to take a bit of meat or anything nice in his mouth. At first, press his jaws gently, while you are counting ; should he attempt to bite it, he must be checked and the pressure increased, repeating the word " Steady." When the ten is up, allow him to swallow it. Repeat this, after the same fashion, till you are satisfied he knows his duty; after you may give him the bait in his mouth, trusting to his education alone. Again repeat, "Steady" and go on counting. Should he unfortunately swallow it, you must correct him according to your judgment, and commence another trial. As he becomes accustomed to his duty, you may count slower, and occasionally pause, to test his patienoe. To try him more severely, exercise him when you know he is hungry. In any of your teachings, should you find it necessary, you may keep the dog within bounds, by a chain and collar, although it should be avoided, as far as possible. Nevertheless, it may occasionally be indispensable, to restrain the unruly or to embolden the timid. With animals, whose early tuition has been neglected, it may be the more necessary, as a more decisive treatment is requisite, and in many cases, we need the absolute power of correction, without admitting a chance of retaliation or escape.