Of glossy black, in form and bearing grand, The noted Fisher-dog of Newfoundland ; Water his element, the sea his rest, Of all amphibious, surely he's the best. Massive in limb, his organs well defined, His shaggy coat defies the stormy wind ; With dauntless foot, he stems the ocean spray, Nor foaming surge can check his onward way. From North to South, a household word his name,

While East and West, re echo loud his fame ; His truthful looks with confidence inspire The cradled infant and the aged Sire. 'T were vain, in verse, his merits to relate ; A task, his virtues to exaggerate ; Playmate by day, and sentinel by night, The parents' guardian, and the boys' delight. The tempest rages, and the sea grows wild, The mother screams, " Who'll save my drowning child ?" The gallant Neptune dashes from the shore, And rescues him who sank to rise no more. The house in flames, or burglars breaking through ;

Ho'll guard your purse, and rouse you quickly too ;

In joy and sorrow, he's your trusty friend, Honest and faithful, bribeless, to the end.

Newfoundland Dog 7Newfoundland.