A perfect specimen of Charley hound: Of all canines the rarest to be found. His points arc eight, yet, if in ought he lack, Like a base counterfeit, we send him back. Head, eye and ear, nose, coat, shape, color, size: In these combined, the stamp of beauty lies. Head, full and round, large eye, projecting clear, With short snub nose, and long well feathered ear ;

Ten pounds, or less may be allowed to weigh ; The smaller, the more valuable they say. Well shaped his form, nor should a hair of white,

A doubt of his royal pedigree invite ; Of glossy coat, with raven locks beset, Face, breast and limb of tan, and body jet. To Second Charles of England, owes his name, A regal gift from Second Charles of Spain. Although, since then two hundred years have flown.

Still fashion's favorite, as when first was known, He wears Ids honors, with becoming pride, Jealous with ought his tribute to divide. Flattered by all, the menial and the great, On him the Page and powdered Flunkey wait; On velvet couch, with Royalty reclines, And with the queen, and heir presumptive dines.

For a good Rat-dog, select either a Scotch or an English Terrier. Scotch is the hardiest and stands the most work. When he is young, give him something he can kill, without being much punished, a small rat on a string, or a mouse. Put him often at a rat hole to scratch. If you can, let him be with an old killer, that he may sec the performance. Excite him well, before you let him have the rat. Don't let him pound him much after he is dead, don't hunt him on a full stomach to disgust him with the taste of the rat, nor allow him to kill many at first.

King Charles Spaniel.

King Charles Spaniel.