Of ancient birth, in form majestic, tall, And rightly styled by Buffon, king of all ; His strength and prowess dare the wolf and bear,

And fearless taunt the lion in his lair. In days of yore, in Rome he played his part, An I furnished emblems for the sculptor's art ; His daring feats the chiselled block portrays ; His tamo survives, when crumbling stone decays. When gladiators met in skill to vie, His noble form was seen expectant by ; In conscious power, the meaner beasts he scorned;

With anxious rage, the rampant tiger warned; Trained to the light and eager tor the fray, Dauntless, he rushes on his quiv'ring prey, The palsie 1 victim struggles all in vain, The purple Hood his polished ivories drain. Of late atone, has been the fact revealed, The Ural mountains had his home concealed ; For travellers, oft had fruitless sought to trace Ti»is noble scion, of the canine race. Now brought to light, his beauteous form we scan.

Publisher s Notice 1Great Siberian Bloodhound

Great Siberian Bloodhound

And wonder when and whence his name began; While legend, statue, verse, his deeds recall, Our voices echo " Crown him king of all."

Great Siberian Bloodhound 3