These are very simple things to teach, and as easily understood by the most ordinary of canine intellects. Here, the teacher's coaxing.

Is of little service. At first a person should be posted at the top of the stairs, whilst the master stands at the bottom with his dog. The former must call whilst the latter seconds him by saying " Go up stairs Sir" and if necessary should add the twig to his gentle rebukes, in which case the student will be delighted to escape the blows, to rush to the protection of a friend. This repeated a few times, accompanied with the command " Up stairs" etc, will soon be thoroughly understood, after which the word alone will be sufficient, and by practice even a whisper. If he be slow of comprehension or backward in obedience, your friend at the top of the Stairs may tempt him with a light refreshment. The "Doivn stairs Sir," may be effected in the same way, simply by reversing the position of master and assistant. Recollect, practice makes perfect, and that good humor will ensure constant obedience, while severity and crabbedness are forbidding to the whole animal creation. Accustom your dog to signs, accompanying his every act of submission, and test him often by a whisper. Your distance from the stairs may be increased, according to progress. To keep a dog from entering a house, ac when the door is open, keep in some suitable Ipot, a long twig or whip ; let it suddenly remind him, that he is decidedly out of place. Say nothing to him, till after the stripe is given, and then simply "Out" If the family agree to this method of treatment, a few simple cracks will not fail to keep him in his place ; but, if invited in, he will not fail to take advantage of the indulgence, in the absence of his monitors. The door should be occasionally left open, in order to test him, whilst a person is concealed close by. ready to administer chastisement unawares. This will be effectual, as he will always be suspicious, when no one is at hand. He should also be tempted by a visitor, to walk in for a piece of meat, when he should be suddenly checked by an unseen hand, so that eventually no temptation will be of any avail, and the choicest viands will be secure from his attacks. In the city especially, it will be well to keep your dog from going out, when the street-door is open. This may be effected by using the same means, in the street, that are recommended for the house. A stranger should tempt him outside, whilst the master is in ambush to greet him with a twig and the word " In." The door may now nnd then be left open, whilst the dog is watched and effectually taught that he must not go out, without his master, or a privileged inmate of the house jumping through a hoop ; over a stick, 4c. down dead. stand fire.

"Necessity is the mother of invention," particularly so, where the digestive organs are at stake. The safest and most expeditious method of teaching a dog how to jump through a hoop, is to hold a piece of meat, on the other side of it. denying him all other access to it, except by going through. The hoop must be so held or placed, that he can neither get over, under or round. At first he may be awkward, and blunder through it, but necessity and practice will soon make him expert. As he progresses, the temptation may be withdrawn; still a stranger should not be allowed to practice him, without paying his fee.

When the dog has been taught to lie down at command, he must be made to remain stretched at full length and severely threatened, if he offer to stir. He must then be pulled along by the tail and then by the leg, whilst you still insist on his perfect and motionless submission, which must absolutely be enforced at all hazards. This must be repeated in short and easy doses, until he remains perfectly still. Although this lesson will require great firmness and decision, his temperature must be taken into serious consideration, for, if you do not keep him in decent humor, you will render him the more intractable. If therefore he be of the snappish caste, you should grade your exactions accordingly. You may also test his deadness by making him stand fire, while you strike all round him with a stick, call him by name, etc, but he must only rise at the word " Up." You may then use any expression you think proper terminating with the word " Up" when of course he will briskly start up, regardless certainly of the Avords preceding it. For instance : you may say " If thieves were in the house, I don't believe that dog would get " up." He will appear to understand it all, and spring up immediately. The word " Up" should bo pronounced with emphasis enough to attract.