It now and then becomes prudent to perform this operation, from disease of the spermatic chord, or from swellings in the testicles themselves. Whenever such a necessity occurs, although it is not a dangerous operation, it requires the assistance of a veterinary, or a human surgeon. Each testicle should be taken out of the scrotum separately, and a ligature applied, moderately tight only, around the spermatic chord, previous to the separation by means of a scalpel or knife.

In performing this operation on cats, nothing more is requisite, than to make a slight opening on each side the scrotum, to slip out the two testicles, and draw thorn with the fingers. The rupture of the spermatic chord prevents hæm orrhage, and no future inconvenience is felt It is often found difficult to secure a cat for this operation; but it may be easily managed in two ways. One is, by putting the head and forequarters of the animal into a boot; the other is managed by rolling her whole body lengthways in several yards of towelling.